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We Assist In The Development Of Strong Families And Community One Child At A Time.

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To increase and improve upon our students journey through education, MMIA helps guide and redirect youth’s intellectual ambitions to more sophisticated academic improvements and accomplishments. Our educational approach offers a proven and effective non-traditional formula to improve school achievement. MMIA not only cares to improve the school communities that young people attend, but we are passionate about preparing students to compete in a global economy.

Academic Support

MMI’s curriculum is student friendly and student focused. The instructional practices are research oriented; the after-school activities are designed to strengthen students’ understanding of self while providing them with a clear understanding about the different roles they have to contribute to society.

Test Preparation

Assessment and testing is used to evaluate students’ performance in school benchmarked against national standards. Instructional activities, mock tests, and skills building are used to prepare students. Students with variant academic or test challenges will be placed into in-school and after-school programs to improve their deficiencies.

Education Advising

Academic Advisors / Guidance Counselors work as critical resources to reinforce students personal development as they guide and assist students’ attainment of scholarships, educational, and emotional goals in collaboration with parents and external school stakeholders and resource providers.

Apprentice & Internships

Students’ will be provided internships to gain exposure to careers. Apprenticeships are a structured training plan with a mentor, with a focus on mastering specific skills employers’ need to fill jobs within their organization. Apprenticeships often lead to an industry-recognized credential.